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Why our partners matter

Finding people or businesses to support a new, exciting venture is easy to do. However, finding partners that emulate the same core values as you is far more important when building an organization with longevity.

The partnerships developed over the last twelve months by ATMO Recycling Ltd™ each have value statements that are steeped in creating opportunities within the local community, have hiring values that are inclusive and a national footprint that gives our clients access across Canada to convenient, drop-off locations currently negotiated for 2018. It’s these relationships that we have carefully sought out that will be key to ATMO Recycling Ltd’s mission to positively change the car seat recycling landscape.

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The BabyTime Show’s are proud to be an exclusive partner of the ATMO Recycling Ltd™ program. With an estimated 250,000+ car seats are going to landfills in Ontario each year we want to help reduce this waste. NEW this spring, The BabyTime Shows will be hosting an official child car seat drop off depot in partnership with ATMO Recycling Ltd. Together we can all make a difference.

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