ATMO Recycling Ltd is the original and only not for profit child car seat recycling facility within Ontario, with partnerships that have created the most convenient drop-off locations for expired or damaged child car seats.

Keeping it simple

You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again: Keeping it simple is often the best method for solving a problem.

Graham Lewis, Founder and Executive Director, used this philosophy to guide him when he created ATMO Recycling Ltd. It is the business model that ultimately creates a sustainable opportunity to recycle a product that began production in 1971. ATMO Recycling Ltd’s strategy avoids the seats ending up in Canadian landfills by recycling or repurposing the materials.

With new and improved uses being sought by ATMO Recycling Ltd™ for the disassembled and processed parts it’s imperative that ATMO Recycling Ltd™ create systems that will meet the demands being forecast over the next several years.


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